Website under construction!

As you would have noticed, we are currently in the process of revamping our website on the WordPress platform. We appreciate your patience and trust that this move will be for the best!

Please note: the ONLINE entry pages are located on a remote server with a different address. Access to these pages were problematic in the past for people using their work internet where control measures did not allow them to access outside pages. They eventually had to revert to smart phones and other devices.

The NEA has now resolved this issue and will migrate all links to these pages to a secured address today. Please access ALL eisteddfod pages in future via this website: Kindly inform us by email to info@eisteddfod.coza of any difficulty that you might experience with the logging process.

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The website will be updated on an ongoing basis!

If there is anything that you cannot find on the website, please send an email in this regard to so that it can be attended to ASAP.