Details of participation: Young Performer Awards Competition

Participation details

Our initial statement was that participation details will be available on 12 Feb. This has been delayed due to the postponement of the Early Bird cut-off date. However, the updated provisional dates for the various genres are as follows:


Classical music section: 26  – 28 February

Crossover music: 1 – 2 March

Contemporary music: 5 – 10 March

Speech and drama: 12 -19 March

Dance section: 16 – 17 March

Large groups (Classical and Contemporary music; Speech and drama: 24 March)

Quarter Final Round:

Classical music: 22 March

Contemporary music: 23 March

Dance: 24 March

Speech and drama: 26 – 27 March

Please note that to facilitate the adjudication process, events are scheduled according to the participants’ grade (e.g. it does not make sense to schedule a Gr R participant with a group of Gr. 6 learners). For this reason and in the interest of the participant, we will be reluctant to allow any rescheduling of events.

We are doing our best to accommodate all requests that were submitted in advance. Should you have any new request in this regard, you are requested to mail your request to, but please note that given the particular demands of this competition, we cannot give any guarantee that we will be able to accommodate all requests.

Performance dates will be published on the Online Entry platform as soon as it becomes available (please use the links on the official website and refresh your browser to ensure the page displays the most current information if necessary.

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