UPDATE: Performance dates

The dates for the dance events on 16 and 17 March have been published online. Please log in with your Participant number or User code / Password (Institutions/Studios only).


The Quarter-final round for the dance section will be scheduled on Sat. 24 March from 09:00 – 14:00 (estimated time).

Should you be aware of any issue that could cause a serious problem on this date, kindly email ceo@eisteddfod.co.za as soon as possible.

Slips have been e-mailed to large studios already, but individuals should ensure that they also retrieve the information ONLINE.  This facility also enables us to communicate minor changes to the starting times of sessions in a fast and efficient way.


  1. Lee - Reply

    If you are unable to be at the theatre that weekend are you zble to submit video entries?

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