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FAQ’s answered

Frequently asked questions: How do I register online? Where do I find the NEA Prospectus Online? How do I find a participant that participated before? Why is it necessary to update the PROFILE of individual participants? How do I update the profile of a participant? How do I update or add the name of a…

Eisteddfod Regions

Current regions (Subject to changes – will be updated soon!) PROVINCE SHOWCASE REGION LOCAL AREA Gauteng Eastern Gauteng Benoni Gauteng Boksburg Gauteng Etwatwa Gauteng Kathlorus Gauteng Kemptonpark Gauteng Springs Gauteng Tembisa Gauteng ? Gauteng Joburg Central/South Alexandra Gauteng Auckland Park Gauteng Bedfordview Gauteng Benmore Gauteng Glenvista Gauteng Greenside Gauteng Houghton Gauteng Hyde Park Gauteng Lenasia…

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