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Many young performers have dreams of becoming internation stars, they dream of Hollywood, fame and success. Very often, and unfortunately at a prize, many of them fall prey of promises of instant fame etc.! The reality however, is that only a very small number of these aspiring performers will hit the international fame jackpot. 
The NEA does not promise Hollywood, fame or success. The NEA Young Performer Awards Competition does not pretend to be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow either! What the NEA does offer is  a credible, non-profit platform that provides talented performers with an additional, higher level opportunity to nurture and develop their skills and talents in a more challenging environment. The value derived from this experience will enhance their self-esteem beyond superficial greatness, to a deeper knowledge of themselves, their potential and their challenges, in order to become successful citizens.  This holds true for many of the 16500+ participants in this competition over the past 14 years.

The integrity and truthfulness of this competition stand beyond any doubt when one considers the achievements of previous winners and top achievers in this competition: The well-known faces in the pictures above all have at least one thing in common:  they were ALL top achievers in the NEA Young Performer Awards Competition since its founding in 2004 - to name but a few: Henno William, Isabella Jane (Snyman) and Julian Hepburn were all finalists in E-TV’s SA’s got talent competition. Henno (silver medalists in the NEA Awards 2015) has recently been signed by New York-based music executive, Kevin Liles who will launch the young singer-songwriter in the United States and internationally.

Andile Ndlovu and Camille Bracher were top achievers at the 2007 International Ballet Competition. Ndlovu, also a finalist in KykNet’s "Dance, Dance, Dance", is currently with the Washington Ballet, one of the USA’s most prestigious dance companies; Camille Bracher is currently dancing for the Londen Ballet Company; Maudee Montierre is a well-know soprano and currently a lecturer at the University of Cape Town; Carmen Pretorius, has performed in Mamma Mia, Cinderella, Jersey Boys and the South African movie Lien se Lankstaanskoene, amongst others.