Who can participate in the National Eisteddfod of South Africa?

 It is not only the very talented performer that would derive value from this program.  Even the so-called “mediocre” or “untalented” performer who is often not exposed to opportunities of this nature, will in particular benefit from participating in this process due to the impact of arts activities on personal development and growth.  An important consideration in any project that eventually seeks to develop interest in the arts, is that this process should start at a young age. Someone that grew up without any interaction or exposure to this is very unlikely to value and appreciate arts in adulthood.

 With this in mind, this eisteddfod process operates on two levels:

 The annual Eisteddfod, Young Performers Showcase and NEA Young Performer Awards Competition provide platforms which otherwise would be absent in most communities.  These events bring culture to the doorsteps in various communities where they provide opportunities for young performers in the various art forms to participate, grow, gain experience and showcase their talents.