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How to Search for a Participant?

How to Search for a Participant?

  • All participants should only have ONE profile on the Eisteddfod database. Over and above preventing problems with the schedule, it also keeps each participant’s results together. (Duplicate profiles can split up a participant’s achievements between different profiles (where each “profile”  actually is a different “person”. The use of ONE profile per individual also helps to keep track of a participant’s achievements over the years.
  • For this reason you should always do a search on a name to find any existing profile before adding a new one.

How to do a search for an existing profile / participant name?

Step 1: Enter the name of the participant in the “Name” box below.

Only a fragment of a name can also be used – it is not necessary to type the complete name of the participant. (This also helps to eliminate possible spelling errors!) E.g. If the participant’s name is Elise Brown, you only need to  enter “Eli” in the “Name” box.


Step 2: Click on FIND Participant

Step 3:

The form will display all the names in the database that contains the fragments as entered above: [Eli] + [Bro] . (see example below)


Step 4:

When the correct name is displayed in the list, the next step is to check the date of birth and where applicable, as well as the name of the participant’s school. If this is indeed the participant that you were looking for, click on the Select button on the right. 

If you cannot find the name of the participant that you are looking for, click on the Add NEW Participant button.

Either of these actions will now take you to the Edit Existing or Add new Participant page.

How to update an existing profile

How to add a new participant